Paul Benk

President & CEO


Before he founded Loan Fund 1, Paul was a principal and Senior Vice President of Sales at Peachtree Financial Solutions.  Peachtree subsequently merged with J.G. Wentworth® to become JGWPT Holdings. They are currently a public company and trade under the symbol “JGW.”

The combined companies have become the world’s leading purchasers of deferred payment streams including structured settlements, annuities and lottery receivables.

They have purchased and securitized an excess of $9.1 billion in future obligations.

Prior to JGWPT, Paul worked for many years in the commercial real estate industry as a salesmen for The Kislak Company.  He worked with both institutional and high net-worth clients brokering the sale of apartment buildings, shopping centers and office buildings nationwide.

Today, Paul remains active in the commercial real estate industry as a managing general partner buying and selling real estate deals.

Brett Benk

Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chief Compliance Officer


Brett is a former tax auditor for the Department of Revenue in Tallahassee, FL. In addition to being an accountant, he is also a Licensed Loan Officer with proven expertise in loan default risk mitigation. He also has deep mortgage analysis expertise which includes analyzing title reports, clearing titles, reviewing appraisals, working with attorneys and staying compliant with various state banking departments.